Cricket bats are natural products. This means that there is a chance that your Civ&Son bat could break.

We will always do our best to ensure you receive a bat that will last a long time, but wood is wood and any bat has the chance of having it's issues. Cricket bats can break for all sorts of reason in a lot of different ways. Most of the time the bat can be fixed. We cannot replace Civ&Son products if they have:

1. Been damaged as a result of regular wear and tear

2. Been wrongly used, treated badly, or that have been repaired or modified by a third party.

3. Become damaged through bad shots or have failed as a result of poor preparation and care. This includes most yorker damage.

All warranty claims on bats produced by Civ&Son Cricket, made within 12 months of purchase, and within the scope of our warranty will be repaired for free if required. Shipping cost is extra. If the bat cannot be repaired a replacement of the same value will be issued, upgrades are not available in warranty cases. 

Replacement bats are under warranty for the period of 12 months from the original purchase, not from the date of issuing the replacement. If the bat is replaced within the last three months of the warranty period a period of three months will be added to the warranty starting from the date the new bat is issued. 

Inaccurate play: If a false shot is played which makes damage to the sides, back, shoulders, toe or other areas of the bat, this will be deemed outside the scope of the warranty. This includes damage from carrying in bags, banging on the ground etc. Whilst we'd love to repair or replace every bat, Civ&Son Cricket's decision is final on inaccurate play warranty claims. 

In general cricket bats will be repaired at least once before a replacement or credit is given. 

NO STICKERS, NO WARRANTY. If you request a Civ&Son Cricket bat without Civ&Son stickers it will not come with a warranty. If stickers are removed from a Civ&Son bat warranty will be void. No exceptions.  

If anything happens to your Civ&Son product please email us with photos before taking any action. The product must be returned to Civ&Son Cricket in Rosebud for assessment. If the product is unrepairable, the product can be returned for a replacement or store credit. 

Please note: Cricket is a dangerous sport. All products are made for normal play or training assistance and therefore Civ&Son Cricket cannot be held responsible for personal or third party injury. Please make sure the product is the right size for the user and the protection level is correct for the respective playing level.